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Every week, we feature one amazing nonprofit which we have the honor of partnering with. When you purchase a backpack, this nonprofit gets  35% of proceed. Copy & paste the code or enter it during check out to let us know you want the donation sent to them.

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Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
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  • We believe all children are naturally creative.
  • We believe each child should have an art canvas with them to draw or to doodle for self-expression or for therapeutic purpose.
  • We believe that their creativity should be on display for the world to appreciate their works of art, at the same time, to boost their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Hien, an 11-year old kid, created this 3-in-1 healing backpack: a portable art canvas, a mobile art gallery, and a backpack for kids to create art on the go. When you purchase one for your child, he/she not only gets a one-of-a-kind backpack, but you also support a charity with monetary donation.​

Notable numbers

1 %
Kids with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) score of 3 or more

On average, 1 in 10 children in the US has an ACEs score of 3 or more. That’s a bit more than 7 millions children whose likelihood of depression, suicidal tendency, substance abuse, heart disease, violent & criminal tendency… increase significantly.

Art Therapy & Trauma

How Expressive Art Could Help.

“It is so difficult to put the complexities of the trauma recovery process into words—artwork does this much better!” – Joan Turkus, M.D.

Art has been used successfully as a form of therapy because art helps kids unmask the traumas buried in the subconscious minds. “Drawing makes me feel better,” Xavier, who grew up in the project of Philadelphia where violence is a part of live, said. “When I’m mad, I draw my anger, and I just get happy.” When kids with high ACEs score get help early on, there will be fewer crimes affecting us, fewer unnecessary tragic deaths from drunk driving accidents, fewer unwanted children born from teen pregnancy-which contribute to more traumatic experiences & predispose the children to traumatic lives, less financial burden on society from illnesses resulting from trauma like heart disease, suicide attempt, depression…

Art Therapy & Autism

How Expressive Art Helps Autistic Children.

“I have noticed that children with autism think in pictures,” according to art therapist Theresa Van Lith.

“So it’s a natural progression, then, to use the visual arts to communicate what’s going on in their world.” Art therapy can help with social skills. Art therapy can address Sensory Processing Disorder. Drawing or doodling can be calming when stress or anxiety is overwhelming.

Boost kids' self-confidence, self-esteem, & working memory by creating art on Simon.

Kids are not doing well in school? Having a bad working memory sometimes is the problem. Get them Simon to draw/doodle on at least 20 minutes a day can boost working memory, self-esteem, & self-confidence. Kids spend too much time on electronic devices? Give them Simon & let them have fun drawing to express their imagination. Aspire to be a great leader? Doodle/draw on Simon to help boost creativity, which is the #1 quality in a great leader (according to a survey of thousands of great leaders around the world) Want to be original and unique? The art you create on Simon is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind. No other backpack in the world has the same design art on it as yours. It's erasable; so you continue to have one-of-a-kind design art on it. Simon guarantees it! 

We have wholesale pricing for you when you purchase 10 or more backpacks.

(Email us for more information)

The children who can benefit from this healing backpack cannot afford them. We are fortunate to have Community Foundation of San Joaquin as our Fiscal Sponsor.  So, we now can apply for public and private grants to bring these healing backpacks to high ACEs score children. Your corporate donation is now tax deductible as well. Please help ameliorate the lives of children suffering from childhood traumas.

“From the moment he walked in, he was intrigued with the backpack. He struggles from past trauma & this backpack not only distracted him but was therapeutic for him. The ChalkWild backpack is helpful for children to express themselves through art, drawing & coloring.”
The Chalk Wild erasable backpack is a great on-the-go resource for children who love to draw. Drawing can be very soothing and may help to ease feelings of anxiety or stress and help to regulate emotions. The backpack can be used as a canvas at any time, such as whilst waiting or on the train. This is very helpful for children who are always moving or have attention difficulties. I would recommend the Chalk Wild erasable backpack to parents and teachers!!
“Child survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse need healthy creative outlets for their strong and complicated feelings. For over 20 years my agency has used art as a means of safe self-expression for youth in our psycho-educational support groups. We recently started giving a ChalkWild back pack to each child graduating from our youth programs. Now they have a special place to store their program materials and works of art!”
"As for the kid that has had his backpack for a month, mom says he loves it! He is 7 years old and is in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) at school. The teachers have found it challenging to accommodate for a rocking chair to help with the child’s concentration, but mom said that the backpack has helped. She stated that he used to hide under his desk constantly, but now uses the backpack on his desk or the floor instead. Mom said the teachers find it very helpful. Although the boy doesn’t use it at home, he takes the backpack to school every day as well as on any car ride. Mom is very grateful! "
“This is the most amazing thing, useful in so many ways. Our non-verbal clients absolutely love that they can express themselves. #love #amazing”
“What a great idea! I will also get one for my granddaughter.”
“Terrific idea. Don’t be surprised when it spreads to adults with briefcases on subways.”
“My published research shows that just 20 minutes of drawing can improve working memory, our brain’s control center. So what are you waiting for? Pick one of these fantastic backpacks & get drawing!”

Some testimonials from parents

“Every kids should have one as a standard.”,”That’s a wonderful idea.”, “Wow, the inventor is 11 years old?”, “He’s a genius. You must be a proud father.”, “I will buy online.”, “I like this, very clever.”, “I like the markers. I just want those for my windows at home.”, “My kids will have a great time expressing themselves on these backpacks.”, “It’ll boost their creativity.”, “My Big Lad is saving the Chalkwild backpack for when he starts high school in September. I am sure it will be a great tool for helping him to learn to plan and organize more things for himself and become more independent.”, “I was recently introduced to a new form of Art Therapy that absolutely blew me away! Imagine having everything you need to create, erase, and repeat with you all the time. The Chalk Wild Backpack is just that! Let’s check it out!”

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