What is ChalkWild backpack?

She loves drawing on her backpack

Why ChalkWild backpack exists?

Created by Hien, an 11-year old kid.

Whom ChalkWild backpack is for?

ChalkWild Backpacks allow children to express their feelings when their words aren’t enough. Our staff will be able to use the backpacks as a tool to communicate with children as a form of art therapy. They can use them even when participating in distance learning, adding some normalcy to their school experience."

Sierra Vista Child & Family Services Stanislaus County

My 4 year old Son had a very specific idea that he wanted a backpack he could draw on every day. We were absolutely delighted when we found a like minded vision in ChalkWild. This unique and functional canvas is the perfect transitional object. Most importantly it’s an outlet for expression that can give voice to the inner world of emotions and help nurture and develop the creative problem solvers of the future.”

Aideen Cooney, Senior Art Therapist in Cork city, Ireland

A backpack worth giving

Please join various agencies, nonprofits, magnanimous small, medium, big business owners… to buy and to give Simon to children of economically disadvantaged families, foster children, autistic students… because consistent involvement in the arts can change their lives. It boosts their self-esteem, confidence, creativity, working memory…

We have been able to donate a few backpacks to homeless children because of you.

Because of the awesome supports from cool grandparents, parents, and aunts, we have been able to use some of the profit to donate ChalkWild backpacks and chalk markers to kids from homeless families served by agencies like Family Promise so that they have an outlet to express themselves and reap the benefits of arts and creativity. Creating art will improve their self-esteem, confidence. It will help them become creative problem-solvers of tomorrow.

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