Create Art On The Go!

Simon is an art canvas, a mobile art gallery & a backpack: 3-in-1.

  • Stress & anxiety? Doodle/draw on Simon to relieve stress. It is therapeutic.
  • Kids suffering from trauma (interpersonal violence, witness to homicide, combat or war, natural disasters, terrorism, complicated grief, medical illness…) have difficulty expressing what’s in their mind verbally? Art could help them communicate it visually.
  • Kids are not doing well in school? Having a bad working memory sometimes is the problem. Give them Simon to create art on at least 20 minutes a day can boost working memory, self-esteem, & self-confidence.
  • Kids spend too much time on electronic devices? Give them Simon & let them doodle/draw to express their imagination.
  • Want to be a great leader? Doodle/draw on Simon to help boost creativity, which is the #1 quality in a great leader (according to a survey of thousands of great leaders around the world)
  • Want to be original and unique? The art you create on Simon is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind. No other backpack in the world has the same design art on it as yours. It’s erasable; so you continue to have one-of-a-kind design art on it.
  • Simon guarantees it! 

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There are so many amazing nonprofits locally & nationally which help ameliorate the lives of children. There is no shortage of awesome people who toil with love & compassion. Funding is always the issue. The staff, the board of directors, and the volunteers are always on a fundraising mode. So, we partner with a small number of these amazing nonprofits to help them fundraise. When you purchase a super cool & unique 3-in-1 backpack for your children or grandchildren, you can use one of the coupon codes on our list to save money as well as to send 35% of the proceed to that nonprofit. It’s a rare WIN-WIN-WIN. 

“From the moment he walked in, he was intrigued with the backpack. He struggles from past trauma & this backpack not only distracted him but was therapeutic for him. The ChalkWild backpack is helpful for children to express themselves through art, drawing & coloring.”
“My published research shows that just 20 minutes of drawing can improve working memory, our brain’s control center. So what are you waiting for? Pick one of these fantastic backpacks & get drawing!”
"Child survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse need healthy creative outlets for their strong and complicated feelings. For over 20 years my agency has used art as a means of safe self-expression for youth in our psycho-educational support groups. We recently started giving a ChalkWild back pack to each child graduating from our youth programs. Now they have a special place to store their program materials and works of art!"
“This is the most amazing thing, useful in so many ways. Our non-verbal clients absolutely love that they can express themselves. #love #amazing”
“What a great idea! I will also get one for my granddaughter.”
“Terrific idea. Don’t be surprised when it spreads to adults with briefcases on subways.”

There is no better testimonials than the nonprofits such as United Cerebral Palsy of Stanislaus, Society for disAbilities, Howard Training Center actually purchasing ChalkWild backpacks for their clients because they believe their clients will have fun expressing themselves artistically on their backpacks & showing off their creativity, and will help non-verbal clients communicate through their drawings. 

Some testimonials from parents:

“Every kids should have one as a standard.”,”That’s a wonderful idea.”, “Wow, the inventor is 11 years old?”, “He’s a genius. You must be a proud father.”, “I will buy online.”, “I like this, very clever.”, “I like the markers. I just want those for my windows at home.”, “My kids will have a great time expressing themselves on these backpacks.”, “It’ll boost their creativity.”, “My Big Lad is saving the Chalkwild backpack for when he starts high school in September. I am sure it will be a great tool for helping him to learn to plan and organize more things for himself and become more independent.”, “I was recently introduced to a new form of Art Therapy that absolutely blew me away! Imagine having everything you need to create, erase, and repeat with you all the time. The Chalk Wild Backpack is just that! Let’s check it out!”




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