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Wouldn't you agree that children are naturally creative? Would you happen to know that art helps kids & adults express things that are not easily expressible verbally? Hence, a picture is worth a 1000 words? Would you happen to know that art helps relieve stress & anxiety? Would you happen to know that the creative process of art like doodling can help boost children’s creativity, self-esteem, self-confidence, & memory?

Hien Ho, the young inventor/entrepreneur

Hien Ho, the young inventor/entrepreneur

Hien came up with the idea when he was about 11 years old while he & his father were watching skateboarders at a skate park in Modesto, CA. Hien admired the beautiful artworks on the canvas backpacks. He thought it would be cool if the backpack were erasable so that those kids can create new art whenever they want something new. Hien & his father experimented together to create an erasable backpack.

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Benefits of Art

Benefits of Art

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ~ Pablo Picasso. Art helps kids express things that are not expressible verbally. The creative process helps foster self-expression, strengthen sense of self, develope coping skills, reduce stress/anxiety, boosts creativity & self-esteem & self-confidence & memory.

35% of Proceed goes to Charity

35% of Proceed goes to Charity

One of the missions of ChalkWild is to support local & national charities that help children like Boys & Girls Club, Autism Speaks, Kids & Art Foundation.

This is Simon

Simon says that you can start personalizing your backpack with your name. Then, daily or whenever you wish, you can draw or doodle new art on it to express your creativity to further personalize it & make it a truly one-of-a-kind backpack. No other kid in the world will have the same backpack with the design art as yours.  Simon guarantees it! 

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A Quick Overview of ChalkWild Erasable Backpack

Give your children a gift of therapeutic creativity today.

The Stanislaus County BHRS Prevention & Early Intervention bought a couple hundreds backpacks for a pilot program which use our backpacks as an engagement tool as well as an art therapy tool for the kids coping with trauma. StanCo BHRS pilots this program with Haven Women's Center Youth Program, Art Restores Kids (ARK), Airport District Collaborative... which help kids who suffer from trauma get therapy & recovery. A majority of children who suffer from trauma cannot afford this cool backpack. They rely on the magnanimity of sponsors. Please contact us for more info about sponsoring. We have many perks that could be of interest to you as an individual or a business.

Support Carnegie Art Center

If you are in Turlock, CA, you can stop by Carnegie Art Center to purchase ChalkWild Erasable Backpacks there. Support the local art gallery. They have tons of awesome art programs for kids as well as adults.

Support Kids & Art Foundation

Kids & Art provides free art workshops for kids who are undergoing cancer treatment at UCSF & Stanford Children Hospital. Art is a part of the therapy treatment for these children.

Support McHenry Museum & Historical Society of Modesto

If you are in Modesto, you can purchase ChalkWild Erasable Backpack in their gift shop. The museum is a beautiful place to visit to learn about the rich history of Modesto & surrounding area.

ChalkWild Erasable Backpack & its young inventor have been featured in the news media, newspaper, Blogs, and magazines.

Awarded top 30 Autism Parenting Blog
Award-winning Autism Parenting Blog
Arts created on backpacks were on display at local Starbucks coffee shops
These amazing artworks by Boys & Girls Club students were showcased at Starbucks in Modesto

ChalkWild Erasable Backpack has gained trust & collaboration with various nonprofits, large and small, and endorsement from some prominent autism mom bloggers.

Each purchase benefits a charity. 35% of proceed is donated to a charity. Dismiss